Thursday, June 27, 2013

How big is the digital world?

Very often when you present something digitally oriented, inevitably someone will act as a detractor. “Oh, my target market isn’t there.” “They don’t use it.” And you will hear a cacophony of reasons why digital should not be deployed.

One does not need to go very far for lessons on when to use digital. When mobile phones first became mass, many marketers shun even simple “sms marketing”. We had clients that ignored us when we said the senior citizens then were reading sms-es and sending them. Well, that has come to pass. You now know your grandma and old aunt sends and reads smses. But that window is now closed.

Digital is here to stay and the pervasiveness of smart whatever gadgets just mean digital mediums have touched everyone.

It’s whether you want to ride the wave or wait it out. To ride the wave you must spot when the wave starts to build. Not when it peaks. 

How small is the analog world?

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