Monday, June 10, 2013

Are you making assumptions or asking questions?

If you take notice during your marketing meetings, chances are you hear a lot of words and phrases in reference to how to make your brand a success. Very rarely will you hear “this is how we will add value to the consumer.” The reason is likely that everyone on the team just assumes that the product at hand is already of value to the consumer. That’s why it was passed on to the marketing team to sell it and bring in the cash for the company.

That may not be the truth, though. Lots of crappy products get sent to the marketing people. Sometimes you don’t have a say in it because it is the CEO’s wet dream to launch this product. You have the difficult job of marketing it.

So, even though it is tough to do it at this stage, maybe you owe it to yourself to start asking, “What value does it bring to the consumer?”

What true value does it bring?

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