Monday, December 3, 2012

What’s your CRM response rate?

One of my favourite charity organizations is I like the idea of being able to help strangers from mile away. I like helping entrepreneurs.

I did an experiment back in October 2012.

The idea was simple. was giving FREE loans. That means when you get invited, all you have to do is join, choose a borrower to loan the money to and Kiva sends the money to the borrower. The invitee pays NOTHING.

I sent out a personal email to family and friends whom I am in contact carefully selecting from my list, explaining to them in detail that I will be sending them a separate invite from each step and that it is not a spam.

I then even follow up with those I feel are “charitable”, “has good amount of time on their hands” (this is simple, you see them on Facebook and the steps required to register and click loan on Kiva is as simple as updating your status on FB).

My response rate? Dismal.

Got me thinking on a lot of things. It should get you thinking on a lot of things too if you are in marketing, advertising especially if you are in CRM, an NGO and especially when you are in need yourself.

What’s in it for me?

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