Thursday, September 6, 2012

What’s the recipe?

We all have a certain way of doing things. Even down to which side of our teeth we use most often. (You will only notice this if your dentist tells you to use only the not-so-comfortable-side for biting while she does the renovation work on the other side of your teeth.)

Doctors, dentist, chefs, surgeons, artist,etc. They keep abreast by reading up journals, attending seminars on the latest techniques and discussion with peers. I think in the medical field they call it "continuous medical education." This shows that what we learn and mastered may not be the only and best way. There are always new things coming up. Some are good, some are too early for its time. But they are all here to make us strive for better work.

Similar with marketers who have found certain technique works and so it is repeated because it works. Let’s not forget that we can always improvise along the way to stay ahead of the copycats.

Are you seeing double?

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