Thursday, September 20, 2012

What’s the real reason?

Two things should occur in your mind whenever you are quoted examples or case studies that seem to buck the trend.

One, ask yourself if this is an anomaly.

And more importantly, ask yourself is it “despite” or “because” with whatever results that you are being shown.

For example, when told so-and-so is an asshole and that made him a gazillionaire; first ask yourself if it is an anomaly. Then ask yourself, did this person become a gazillionaire despite being an asshole or because he is an asshole?

If (a gigantic IF) you hear that I beat Manny Pacquiao today in the ring even though the only exercise I do is typing on my keyboard, don’t go challenging Manny to a fight.

Knowing the difference is important to applying the theory without hurting yourself.

Do you know the difference?

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