Friday, January 13, 2012

What is luxury to you?

For some people it is time with the family. For others it could be doing their Bassai-dai to perfection a 100 times without fail effortlessly. Yet others it could be as simple as sharing a mug of ramen noodles, beer and catching late night TV when the “cost-centers” (a friend calls their kids that) are in bed.

I find it interesting when people call their brands ‘luxury’, as in luxury brands and luxury products. “I am in the luxury category,” he said. “Hmmm…interesting,” is my answer.

The luxury that my friends and I know are all somewhat intangible. Perhaps we are poor sods. What do we know about luxury?

Thirty more minutes to calm your mind down and realize that your father is passing on, and say the things you want to say and have him breath his last breath in your arms. That is luxury.

I am sure you have your own idea of luxury too.

Now which brand wants to provide luxury?

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