Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you solemnly swear?

Not by the stars and the moon in the skies. Just simple brand promises. Meaning if you said you will not add any artificial colouring, that includes even permitted artificial colouring. No artificial colouring means no artificial colouring, permitted or otherwise. If you cannot keep a promise then don’t make it.

When you make promises you are not going to keep, it bleeds the blood of trust of your consumers. Promises are promises, there are no exceptions.

Promises with lots of conditions and premises, I think they are called contracts.

If you have a promise that has a lot of conditions attached to it, maybe it is better to think if it is worthwhile making that promise. A promise with lots of “ifs and buts” just extracts every bead of serum innate in a promise.

If your brand has a promise to the consumers, make it simple and keep it.

Will you keep it fresh?

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