Monday, January 9, 2012

What are you denying your brand today?

Let’s just say you’ve been diagnosed by your dentist today that your gum is badly infected. So bad that nothing you do from now on is going to save your nice set of teeth – all 32 of it! 

And you’ve had three consultations before with three different dentists. All had given you the same prognosis – you will lose all your teeth soon. Which of these actions will you take? 

  • Disregard all the dentists’ diagnosis and seek further consultations until you get to hear one that will tell you otherwise.
  • Ignore the recommended treatment by the dentist since the alternative treatment that you have been administering is making you feel better each day.
  • Forget the prognosis since you still have all your teeth right now and they are serving you just fine.
Replace this scenario with your brand. Are you denying your brand the proper treatment that it so desperately need? Are you waiting for death’s door to be visible before you would do something to save your brand right now, today?

What’s stopping you from giving what your brand really needs?

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