Thursday, March 28, 2019

Where have all the customers gone?

It’s interesting when you hear some business people discuss how the internet has disrupted their business. Apparently, they don’t know where all the customers have gone.

But even before the advent of the internet or online businesses, customers have always been gravitated to your competitors anyway. It was always the business person’s job to figure out where his customers have gone and why did the customer leave? The questions and the diagnosis of the problem have not changed. Since the first cave man laid out the first hunted wild game for trade, keeping that customer and getting new customers have always been a crucial part of the game.

Don’t let your thinking be disrupted. Stay focused. The mediums and modes may have changed. But how to retain and gain the customers will always be about “what is in it for them to still do business with you?”

What is in it for them?

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