Monday, December 5, 2016

What did you relinquish?

Share of Voice = Share of Mind = Share of Market.

If you accept that there is some truth in the equation, then you need to accept that there is a minimum budget to get you heard in the marketplace.

The challenge as a brand management person is then to project the sales in such a way that you can request for that budget level that gets your consumer’s attention.

When you don’t work hard enough and think hard enough on your marketing plan and end up with a negligible A&P budget, do not relinquish that duty of making your brand heard to your agency.

Your challenge is to get a healthy budget, the agency’s challenge is to make that healthy budget look fit. Don’t give your agency a morbid budget and ask the agency to make it look fit. It’s a futile attempt on all sides.

Whose challenge is it?

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