Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are you going to be a monk?

There will come a time when you will devour every book on managing skills and leadership principles. Or your time may have passed. You will try to practice everything and get sucked into mindless debates about the differences between a manager and a leader. Chances are it is all in vain to improve your skills as a manager and/or a leader.

I believe regardless of what you want to be or improve, the key is being mindful. Mindful of the “whys” you do the things you do and be truthful to yourself. Mindfulness is the seed of change.

Then be courageous to change those stress causing actions even if your ego is going to take a beating.

If you are mindful of your thoughts, courageous to change your actions, then the lessons will teach you to be a better whatever you want to be.

You won’t need to be a monk. Neither do you have to sell your Ferrari. 

Do you have to sell your Ferrari?

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