Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do you care how it is done?

If you don’t, perhaps you should. You often hear bosses saying to their subordinates “I don’t care how it’s done so long as it is done.” Somehow people feel it sounds damn cool when yelled out loud. But is it? 

I think it should be “I care that it is done and done the right way.” Saying not to care how it is done is a permission to trash your ethics out to crumbs, that it is OK to bastardize good old values like integrity and honesty.

When more and more people get things done without caring how it is done infiltrate our collective business consciousness, that’s when we all have to pay for it. One way or another, whether as business people or as consumers. We all pay.

Values and performance must go hand in hand. Values AND performance. Not “OR”.

Do you know how it was done?

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