Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are you trying to achieve?

Can there be multiple goals for the one thing that you do?

Say you are trying to complete this big project. What are you trying to achieve? Fame? That’s one. Fortune? That’s two. With fortune you can have a holiday, afford a nice car for your wife, best schools for your kids. Perhaps reserve a nice old folks home for you and your wife when you retire. Just in case, you know. 

So what are you trying to achieve? Multiple goals with the hitting of one objective and the rest are nice-to-have that comes with it? Well, if that is so, why aren’t you aiming a little higher? So there will be a lot more nice-to-haves? 

Seems like you are only thinking of knocking off on time today.

Oh. I am wrong. Sorry.

Where are your goal posts?

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