Monday, August 17, 2020

What have you learned so far?

This is perhaps your best lesson you can learn. Self-taught. No seminars. No webinars. Zoom in on your own microscope. Look through the magnifying glass events of the past months. It reveals a lot about you.

Make time for yourself. Go into a room somewhere. Turn off all social media. Start writing for 90 minutes about what you learned about yourself. How you have responded, how you have reacted, how you have panicked, what you could have done better, what you did that you were proud, use the flow of thought technique. You aren’t there to edit yourself. Not now. That can come later.

For now, you want to vomit every bit about yourself onto a piece pf paper.
That’s who you are during this lockdown period. It’s who you brought into the lockdown. It will likely be who you let out as well. But now, you will know this person better

What did you hide from yourself?

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