Thursday, August 13, 2020

Are you hyped?

The collective reaction of some business people have towards the crisis reminds me of the hype cycle – a branded graphical presentation by Gartner of the invention, introduction, adoption and application of new technologies.

In the case of a crisis, there will be people pushing the hype of the crisis. Whenever a crisis presents itself, there will be doomsayers and these typically have something to gain from the situation. I think we have seen this happening. We have written about taking a moderated view here.

By now, the “peak of inflated expectations” would be met with the “trough of disillusionment”. If you are going through this, hammering yourself with too much of expectations – the initial anxieties would be met with the disillusionment of what did not happen. But take heart that if you start taking a moderated view, you will gain a phase of “enlightenment” before more practical next steps can happen.

Use this as a lesson for the future. There is no need to overreact or under react to things. Always take a moderated view of things. A great teacher once said, “Take the middle path.” 

Will you be ready again?

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