Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Are you watching?

There are so many online seminars and sessions going on around now that it is a scary waste of time. You don’t need any more of these sessions. You need action. You want to overcome a challenge now? Regardless of crisis or otherwise, here is what I suggest.

Write down what you believe. Write down what you know. Write down what relevant experiences you have. You aren’t a blank slate. You know something.

Next, ask yourself what is the knowledge gap. Look for a few trustworthy opinion leaders. People you trust with relevant experience and expertise. Look for people with wisdom in general. You don’t need to listen and watch everyone. Curate who you would listen and learn from. Time is limited. Note their advice to you. 

Then, synthesize what you know, your experience, your beliefs with what you have filled with the advice of those you trust. 

Now, write an action plan. You have limited time. Separate the real points and positivity from the noise and negativity.


Are you doing?

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