Friday, April 24, 2020

Why are you learning?

I know a very successful entrepreneur who took a very prestigious MBA course. He would post it online and many times, the charts would be very visible. In an effort to engage in an intellectual discourse, I would PM him. Often, I would question the validity of the charts and theories. I would point out cases in his business that would show the contrary of what is on the charts. His reply in almost all of it would be “Bro, theory and practical is different.” I know that. But if he is there to learn, then he has learned far better lessons running a successful business in the past ten years. Isn’t the whole idea of learning in being able to apply it? Alas, his objective after constant badgering is to have a prestigious MBA after his name on his business card. I can buy that.

Nothing wrong if you want that. I may want that one day too. But for now, if you run a successful business for several years? You already have a MBA. Some of you may even have a PhD. My deep bow to you.

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