Thursday, July 27, 2017

What have you done before?

When looking for potential agency partners, don’t just look for direct experience and the size of the agency.

For one, direct experience in the project you are embarking on is only one small factor that will influence the success of the project. Parallel experience can be more important in some cases. Having an agency that has done health supplements work on your health supplements brand is good. But if they have never launched a brand in the market and you are new in the market, this needs a rethink.

Two; the size of the agency hides the expertise of the agency. Look for expertise, not size. Most clients will say, “Yes, of course.” But more often than not they will look at size as the key criterion. 

There are other factors clients need to look into when looking for a good agency partner. Look inward as well; look at your own marketing team and budgets that you have. How experienced are your people? How big is your budget? These influences how the agency works with you and also the level of experience they have in dealing with your team and budget. What about your approval process? Is your company one made up of relatives sitting on the board? Have your agency partner dealt with such situations before? 

These and many more go into starting a healthy and productive agency-client partnership.

Agencies worth their salt will also be choosing you, bear that in mind too.

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