Thursday, June 4, 2015

Do you have any idea?

Let’s say you are writing a new marketing plan and it all seems pretty mundane. You have no idea what to do. You may decide to add in the fancy stuff. You know, the things you read in glossy marketing magazines that feature your peers holding beer glasses, or stuff you read in your favourite brand book by that branding guru that wrote the other 50 branding books you bought and read, and things that speaker at that hyper cool marketing seminar you paid your whole marketing budget to attend says you “gotta do, otherwise you are so nineteen eighties.”

Doing all these might be fine and good, but you may want to do yourself a favour.
Write down all the stuff that you know; you know stuff like the classics. Classic strategy you have used. List things you have done that worked and seem to work every time you do them. Write down more stuff your competitors have done to you that seemed to work.

In between these three things or list or whatever you call it is a whole bunch of ideas you can mix-and-match that can give you a good program. What’s the problem? It’s free and it’s not very fancy. We all know people don’t like free stuff that is not very fancy.

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