Monday, December 2, 2019

Are you obsessed with yourself?

You should if you aren’t. Most people are very concerned about their competitors when in fact they should be a lot more obsessed with themselves.

For example, are you losing to yourself? Meaning, is your company at the best that it can be? Why focus so much on the competitor when you aren’t spending time to strengthen your company? You have finite time, money and energy. Choose what you focus on so you can fight a longer battle.

Secondly, are you listening to people with experience and expertise? Keyword being “AND”. Not experience OR expertise. Know the difference. When you have these mentors, coach or consultants, are you listening to them intently and taking action on their counsel? No point listening and not acting upon good advice.

Thirdly, are you so passionate about upping your game that you are constantly pushing yourself to be better and not giving up too soon? Be obsessed with being a better you daily. Ultimately, chances of wining increases when you improve you.

Are you your own competitor?

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