Friday, October 7, 2016

Are you ready?

Once, a brand owner approached an advertising wizard (no, it’s not me; this one lives in the mountains) and asked how fast the wizard could make his brand well-known. The wizard thought for a while and murmured, “Ten years.” The brand owner then said he was willing to work twice as hard and invest twice the money. “How long would that take?” he asked. The wizard said, “Twenty years.”

It’s a joke, of course. One I paraphrased from a scenario about a kung-fu master and a student. But you get the idea.

Often times, you worry about the things too far ahead that you forget to get the other details right.

Some things take time. Like getting your operations in order, making sure your service people smile, ensuring your sales people are on time, making sure your call center actually answers calls.

When these are right, it changes the experience of interacting with your brand. The sum total of these positive brand experience is better than the ads that you can run.

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