Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What happens when you listen?

A prospect from a huge conglomerate called recently. They asked if we were willing to pitch for a project even though they knew we do not pitch.

After a few phone calls and explanations, they understood why we took the stance. We gave them an alternative and asked for them to try it.

20 minutes of credentials, 30-40 minutes of discussion (get-to-know-you and how the agency and client can work together in the project, perspectives from both sides). One hour tops.

They were great listeners. They took the suggestion. Today we counted at least 4 agencies there. Showing what they can do without speculative creative work, without wasting the heart-wrenching time and effort of the people in the background.

The industry ‘won’ a little last Friday thanks to this client and the intelligent team behind it. I hope it becomes a start to a good practice for the future.

What happens when you understand?

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