Thursday, May 14, 2015

How good do you expect it to be?

Some marketers tend to expect every campaign that they execute to be successful. Every. Single. One.

Not every date is a nice one. Not every assignment you handed in got an “A.” Not every conversation is an enjoyable one. Not every movie you watched is a fantastic one.

Why would you expect every campaign that you run to be a great one?

In my experience, every five campaigns (even if you got everything right) you will likely have one great one, one that sucked and three that, well aren’t too bad, but you can’t say they were great either

Ok, you can try to up the odds, but if you don’t achieve better numbers than I did, well you know the benchmark. 

But please don’t let this from stop you from aiming higher.

Do you think it will be that different?

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